Sea Voyage Monsters

Day 2 24/3/20

Today we’re making monsters for our sea voyage journeys! In my story The Shipwrecked Sailor a little boy finds another world at the bottom of the sea, where another moon sings and monsters and mermaids swim.

You can purchase the book for £6 here. Here’s some details from the book:

So…let’s make some monsters that you might find on your sea voyage!

Part One: collecting. 15 mins minimum

  1. Collect as many eyes as you can- cut them out from magazines, newspapers or labels.
  2. Collect 10 every day objects. Each one must be small enough to fit on an A4 sheet of paper.
  3. Make a cup of very very strong black coffee- about 6 teaspoons. DO THIS WITH AN ADULT! Mix the coffee with cold water.

Part Two: Monster Making with objects- 45 minutes minimum

  1. Draw round one of the objects
  2. Turn it into a monster by drawing on eyes, legs, jaws etc
  3. Make up a name for your monster. You could do this by using letters from the name of the object.
  4. Write a short fact file for your monster: name, what it eats, where it lives, personality, habits, friends, powers, etc
  5. Make at least 3 different monsters this way
  6. I’ve shown one example below- make lots of monsters with different objects!
  7. Paint on tone with cold black with a tissue or scrap of cloth

Part Three 45 mins

  1. Cover several sheets of A4 paper with a layer of water
  2. Drop splodges of the coffee onto the wet paper and allow the coffee to spread and make interesting shapes.
  3. Let the splodges dry- use a hair dryer if you can. ONLY USE A HAIR DRYER WITH AN ADULT! Don’t let it touch the paper.
  4. Turn your splodges into creatures by drawing on the creatures and by gluing on the eyes (see my example below)
  5. Write a name and fact file for your monsters- food it likes, where it lives, who its friends are etc
  6. By the end of the session today you should have a fantastic collection of monsters!